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Where was the information on acquired?

The information found on this website is believed to be factual, and comes from years of following Frank Thomas' career and the webmaster's vast personal library of acquired documents.  If any information is documented as being untrue, please contact the webmaster and appropriate revisions will be made.  This is an unofficial fan site and has zero association with Frank Thomas, the National Baseball Hall of Fame, Major League Baseball, or its affiliates.  The images on this website are used to chronicle the webmaster's personal memorabilia collection, and may include registered logos.  The use of registered logos and copyrighted materials on this site is for art purposes and the images are not owned by the webmaster.  Any images or videos not taken from pieces of memorabilia in the webmaster's personal collection are used with direct or understood expressed permission from the source.  Understood permission includes images and videos with embedding rights from the original source.


The following online sources have been used in the production of this website:


"Frank Thomas Player Page." Sports Reference, LLC, n.d. Web. 21 June 2013. <>.

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