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Topps' 2013 Allen & Ginter's release included more appearances by Frank Thomas than any set in recent history.  A total of 22 different cards featuring the big man were included in the master set, including 11 individual one-of-ones.  New to 2013 were 350 one-of-one glossy parallels to the base set, each hidden inside the lids of random hobby boxes.  The inclusion of these 1-of-1s, found only in "rip boxes," was an unannounced value addition, and subsequently it is believed that many of these gems suffered an untimely demise in the early days of the product's release.  To date, glossy card number 251 featuring Big Frank has not shown up across the internet and may have been lost in the first days of box busting.


I am interested in extending my rainbow.  If you happen to have any plates, the 1-of-1 extended wooden mini, or the glossy 1-of-1 parallel, please contact me!

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