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1995 Gottlieb Big Hurt Pinball Machine

"Knock one out of the park, as the ramps boost your line drive to the upper deck."

With just 1,985 units of the Big Hurt Pinball Machine produced and sold worldwide, it can be a difficult to locate system, more especially in functioning and aesthetically pleasing condition.   Only a few dozen units have been registered on the Internet Pinball Serial Number Database  and the Pinball Owners Registry, leaving a great majority of these machines unaccounted for.  Many pinball enthusiasts consider this set one of Gottlieb's last great systems, and many Frank Thomas fans consider it to be an ultimate piece of memorabilia, testing the wallets, storage capacity, and detective skills of the most seasoned collectors.


Compiled is a collection of images and memorabilia associated with the Big Hurt Pinball Machine, as well as owner-produced YouTube videos of the system's game play.

<<< video:  illuminated playing field with scrolling text backdrop


>>> video:  game play with field action

Featuring 3 flippers, 2 pop bumpers, 2 slingshots, drop targets, a moving baseball glove obstacle, captive ball, and 4-ball multiball capability, model 745 has plenty of action to keep game play entertaining, time and time again.  Reebok, whom Frank was spokesperson for during the game's release in June of 1995, is also graphically represented on the machine in several places.  The game's popularity has lead to an almost "cult-like" following, as pinball aficionados and Big Hurt collectors compete to obtain this game for their respective, and varied, collections.


The best description of the game has been compiled by passionate pinball enthusiast Stephen Jonke, and can be found at the Internet Pinball Database.

For collectors with a limited budget or less than ample space requirements, many pieces of memorabilia associated with the Big Hurt Pinball Machine are available, including replacement translites, sales flyers, keychain fobs, user manuals, and schematics.

The History of Pinball is a documentary featuring commentary on pinball dating back to the early 20th century.  The video was produced around the time of Frank Thomas' Big Hurt Pinball Machine, and he was interviewed for the piece.  His image is included on the reverse of the VHS dust jacket.  The documentary was re-released on DVD in 2012, including never-before-seen footage.​

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